Head of Development


Brat is where the next generation tunes in. 

We work with the world’s brightest creators to develop a new wave of youth culture. Started by the founding team of Niche (acquired by Twitter in 2015), Brat launched in 2017 with hit shows like Chicken Girls and Total Eclipse. With millions of subscribers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, Brat has become a household name for the next generation of viewers.

To date, we have raised over $40 million in financing. Read more in the Los Angeles Times and TechCrunch.


We are seeking an experienced executive and writer to lead our writers' room. In the course of a year, we will deliver over a dozen new seasons—the majority scripted, but with emerging formats as well.

As the show-runner, you will lead and enforce the creative backbone of our company, managing a team of writers who work for Brat. All of our programming is set inside the "Brat Universe," in the same fictional town. Shows on our channel include overlapping characters, storylines and narrative arcs. As the Head of Development you will not only oversee creative for individual shows, but superintend creative programming across the company. You will also work closely with our internal production team, writing and editing scripts that can be shot efficiently. 


  • 5+ years experience in or leading writers' rooms

  • Expertise with FinalDraft

  • Ability to manage a team of writers, assign scripts

  • Extensive experience writing for the teenage demographic

  • Excellent communication skills, and ability to work collaboratively and mentor new writers


Send an email to jobs@brat.com with “Head of Development” in the subject. In the body of the email, include a cover letter with information about yourself, your qualifications and any other relevant details. Attach to the email a résumé and additional pertinent documents.

Rob Fishman