Mads Lewis: Dress Like Birdie


Birdie’s parents are getting divorced, and now she’s acting out. Get her rebellious look in six easy pieces!

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A versatile fashion staple that can be dressed up or down.


Beach chic with an unexpected twist.


A timeless classic for any “Bad Girl” outfit.

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Whether you’re going against the grain or swimming upstream, make sure to take your fishnets along for the ride!


Perfect for achieving a dark look while maintaining elegance.

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Liquid eyeliner adds edge to any ensemble.

“For Birdie's look, I wanted to keep a bit of her old self while transitioning into her new rebellious side,” Says Costume Designer Melanie Bauer, “Her shorts are a cute black and white stripe, but I put a black fishnet tight and combat boot with it to hint at a darkness and edge that is starting to emerge. I topped off her white top with a black moto jacket to create the same contrast of light and dark. Birdie is going through some intense things in her life and I wanted her wardrobe to start to reflect that.”