Talking ‘Jo’

A Girl Named Jo is back for Season 2, and the drama is juicier than ever—not to mention the mystery and intrigue! Scroll to read what the cast had to say about making this season come to life:

•What’s the biggest difference between this season and last?

Taylor: The characters are exposed to so much more this season and they are challenged with so many new scenarios. 

Addison: Season one was just laying a base for what was to come, like an introduction. You learned who the characters where and what was going on. Season two pretty much takes season one and makes it bigger, darker, and crazier; there are new characters and new love interests. You won’t believe what happens.

Terrell: The biggest difference is probably the relationships, you never know who’s going to join forces!


Bella: My character, Alice, makes a surprising change. I love to see her continue to grow. Also, the overall depth of issues we tackle is exciting. We are telling stories that most shows with our audience don't, and it makes me so proud to be part of it.

•Tell us a funny story from set!

Taylor: During the fight scene between Dwight (Terrell’s character) and Lawrence (Joseph’s character) no one could keep a straight face because we knew they were friends in real life so it was hard to keep from laughing. 

Addison: When we were filming outside at the diner, there was a black widow spider that we saw on a fence. We told our 1st AD, Darius, and he sprayed it with raid. We kept filming, because obviously after getting blasted with half a can of raid, the spider would be dead right? Wrong. Somehow the spider lived?? And it crawled out?? Covered in raid?? Annie, Taylor, and I were screaming and Darius killed it. It was really scary then but now looking back it’s pretty funny.

Terrell: Tanner and I were trying to set up the xbox on set. it took about 9 hours to update and we still never got to play.

Kai: We were filming on Halloween and someone came running up to me in the scariest Halloween costume I have ever seen. I screamed pretty loudly. Turned out to be one of our producers. 

Bella: Well I had to wear a wig because I had just finished tapping another show where I needed to be a brunette. There were a lot of "wig" moments, taking it off, putting it on, wearing a bald cap... I think there’s a video of it somewhere haha!

•What do you hope the viewers take away from this season?

Taylor: I hope viewers understand what it was like back then for those children in real life. What the effect was on both sides when the schools were integrated and how strong their friendships were even in the face of adversity. 

Addison: I hope that after watching this season people will treat each other with respect, no matter what they look like.

Terrell: I hope viewers realize that what goes on in A Girl Named Jo is also present in our world today. We’re touching on social issues that are still prevalent in our 21st century society.

Kai: I hope this season teaches everyone a lot about the issues we faced then and continue to face in our society. 

Bella: I hope this season is a reminder that, as a society, we have come a long way, but we can't forget we have a long way to go. I also hope it serves as a reminder that people can change.

•What was your favorite outfit that you got to wear?

Taylor: My favorite outfit that I got to wear was the tan sweater and the navy blue skirt because it was so comfortable and I would have worn that sweater in real life! In fact, I own something really close to it! 

Addison: Definitely the pajamas. Super comfortable.

Terrell: My favorite outfit was probably the brown and white plaid shirt I wore. it was the softest dress shirt I’ve ever worn.

Kai: I only wore one outfit, a very dapper school uniform. And I felt very posh in it. 

Bella: I wear a green dress in one of the episodes, and it just made me feel so pretty. It's simple and fits perfectly, and the color is gorgeous. We use a lot of authentic, vintage clothes from the 1960's (shout out to Melanie Bauer and the wardrobe department!!) 1960s clothing seems to be so much more luxurious then what we have today.

•What’s your favorite thing at about the 1960s?

Taylor: My favorite thing about the 1960s is the music and the literature! I feel like a lot of music today is influenced by the music created back then! The literature from the 1960’s was always from the heart, ahead of its time, and it really makes you feel something.

Addison: Almost everything pop-culture-wise! The makeup and music during that time were amazing, also it’s when Breakfast at Tiffany’s came out which is a favorite of mine.

Terrell: My favorite thing about the 1960s is definitely the cars.

Kai:I love 1960s fashion, love the bell bottoms, love the tie dye shirts. 

Bella: The clothes! It also was very a very family oriented decade.

•What’s your least favorite thing about the 1960s?

Taylor: My least favorite thing from the 1960s is the style. For some reason the style of the 1960s was just not that cute to me. 

Addison: During the 1960s, opportunities in employment, education, and voting were extremely slanted against minorities and women. Though we still have a long way to go, we are so fortunate to be where we are now compared to then.

Terrell: The racism.

Kai: Ouija boards came out in the 60s. I have never played one or ever will, they scare me!

Bella: How women and people of color were treated. On a lighter note, there were no iPhones or Apple Music!

•Describe this season in one word:

Taylor: Revolutionary.

Addison: Unexpected.

Terrell: Suspenseful.

Kai: Original.

Bella: Powerful!

What’s next on A Girl Named Jo? Watch Tuesdays at 3PM to find out!

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