Find Out What Your Favorite ‘Chicken Girls’ Character Reveals About You

The Chicken Girls are back, and this season they’re flying stronger than ever. What does your favorite character say about you and your personality? Scroll to find out now!

Rhyme: You’re sweet at heart and well-intentioned. You love your friends, but you never cave to peer pressure, even when it’s tempting.

Ellie: When life gets rocky, you like to cope with laughter and overall goofiness. Some might mistake you as boy crazy, but your’e just passionate about all new prospects and possibilities life has to offer.

Quinn: You look innocent—and in some ways you are—but if somebody messes with you or your besties, you’re willing to go to war. You believe strongly that friends and family should come before boys, and enforce this whenever possible.

Kayla: Some might call you bossy or controlling, but they’re just jealous of your confidence and determination. You have a big heart and go all out when it comes to love.

Birdie: Despite your youth, you’ve experienced some painful things in life. Sometimes you feel as though your friends don’t understand what your’e going through, but don’t worry, in time you will find people who absolutely do. And in the meantime, it doesn’t mean your friends don’t love you!

Rooney: You’re passionate about a lot of different things, but you love your art above all. You exude confidence, and thrive when it comes to standing up to bullies.

Luna: You’re extremely driven, and keep your eye on the prize at all times. Being polite is not a priority of yours, but your friends know you’d do anything for them, and that’s what matters!

Ace: You’re drawn to confidence, and have a lot of it yourself! You may not always show it (or feel it), but you love yourself and expect to be treated with the respect you deserve.

Flash: You have an impressively entrepreneurial spirit. You know what you want and how to go after it. You’re a loyal friend, and an overall high-quality person.

Robbie: You may feel like an outsider, but the truth is people want you in their crew.

Tim: You’re the academic one in your friend group, and have a bright future. Sometimes you feel socially awkward, but people like you just the way you are!

Drake: You have a big heart and are a hopeless romantic. When it comes to love, your ideas are traditional and old school, and there’s nothing wrong with that!