Ysa Penarejo: The 411

When you watch movies or TV you never see all the work that goes into making even the smallest scene. It’s awesome to be on set and get to actually see everyone putting so much effort into this major project.…

Madisyn Shipman: The 411

Everyone is phenomenal. I knew most of this cast beforehand, and it was nice to get to know them better, but also to meet new people. Michael is literally my best friend. We’ve all grown so close during this…

Ricky Garcia: The 411

I’ve never played a villain character before, so every scene was an extremely fun challenge. I was always cracking jokes in between takes to keep things lighthearted…


Ysa Penarejo: Dress Like Maisie

Costume Designer Melanie Bauer says, “A velvet ringer tee and overalls was always an easy go to. I wanted to bring that look back with a colored denim jacket because underground caves are cold!”

Noa Drake: Dress Like Amber

Costume Designer Melanie Bauer say, “I gave Amber and updated version of her biker shorts and bucket hat and took her from a bright color palette to a darker, more muted one.”

Madisyn Shipman: Dress Like Flora

Flora is out to save the planet and looks chic while doing it! Get her environmental activist outfit in four easy pieces!


Hey Harmony

Summer Boredom


Daniella Perkins: Ruby's 90s Playlist

Ruby is a vampire living in the present, but because she became a vampire in the 90s, she will always be a teenager in that decade. Wanna get in on the 90s vibes?

Madisyn Shipman: Flora's Environmental Playlist

On Red Ruby, Flora is super passionate about taking care of our planet. Join her environmental mission with this extra green playlist!

Rhyme's Rainy Day Playlist

Summer is around the corner, but sometimes you still find yourself right in the middle of a rainy day! Embrace the weather and make the most of the rain with Rhyme’s top ten favorite rainy day songs!


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What Does Your Favorite ‘Red Ruby’ Character Say About You?

Who’s your favorite Red Ruby character? More importantly, what do they say about your personality?

Which Brat Show Should You Binge This Weekend?

The weekend is quickly approaching, and you know what that means…IT’S TIME TO BINGE WATCH! So, which show should you pick?

Which ‘Red Ruby’ Character Are You?

Ruby & Theo & Amber & Ian & Maisie & Flora…which character from vampire drama Red Ruby are you?

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Sequin Sparkle

Sequins and Sparkles. Need we say more?