Ysa Penarejo: The 411

When you watch movies or TV you never see all the work that goes into making even the smallest scene. It’s awesome to be on set and get to actually see everyone putting so much effort into this major project.…

Madisyn Shipman: The 411

Everyone is phenomenal. I knew most of this cast beforehand, and it was nice to get to know them better, but also to meet new people. Michael is literally my best friend. We’ve all grown so close during this…

Ricky Garcia: The 411

I’ve never played a villain character before, so every scene was an extremely fun challenge. I was always cracking jokes in between takes to keep things lighthearted…


Hailey Sani: Dress Like Tara

Hailey Sani plays Tara on Stuck, and gets to rock this front-tie look on repeat—get it for yourself in four easy pieces!

Enya Umanzor: Dress Like Fiona

Love Fiona’s grunge-chic look? Get her notorious Stuck outfit in now in four easy pieces!

Daniella Perkins: Dress Like Ruby

“For Ruby, I wanted a combination of Victorian, 90s and current day,“ Says Melanie Bauer, “The lace turtleneck and frilly slip dress checked all of those boxes...”


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Rhyme Recommends: 5 Taylor Swift Songs For Spring

Ever since Taylor Swift’s newest song Me! came out last month, I’ve been bringing back some of my Taylor favorites that make me really feel the Springtime vibes.

Fiona's Stuck on Repeat Playlist

Poor Fiona keeps reliving the same day over and over again! Feel like you’re stuck on repeat? Try shaking things up with this one-of-a-kind playlist!

Nadia Turner: Jenna's Superhero Playlist

In Jenna’s daydreams she’s a superhero. Get inside her head with this to-the-rescue playlist!


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What's Your Prom Look?

Searching for your prom aesthetic? Take our newest quiz to find out what look will suit you best, and don’t forget to share your results!

Which Season Diana Are You?

Sure Diana can be a mean girl, but she’s trying her best to grow and that is #relatable. If you were the Princess of Millwood who everyone loves to hate, which season would you be?

How Well Do You Know Fiona?

Fiona’s gotten to know the ins and outs of her stuck day by heart, but how well do you know her? Find out in our newest quiz!

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Cabana Vibes

Happiness comes in a cabana. Good times with Kenzie Ziegler, Devenity Perkins, Ricky Garcia, Alex Lange, and more!